D&D Adventurers League in Ballarat

052114_2127_DungeonsDra1.jpgWe run sessions of D&D Encounters every Wednesday and Saturday evening from 5.30 pm at Goodgames Ballarat (Cnr Lydiard St and Sturt St). They’re free for anyone to join in and we will generally have pregenerated characters there if you don’t have your own character. (A gold coin donation is appreciated as it helps us buy the full adventures for our DMs).

At present, our schedule is:

Wednesday 5:30pm – 7pm : D&D Encounters (Play of a published adventure – currently Out of the Abyss).

Wednesday 7:30pm – late: D&D Encounters (Play of the published adventure Out of the Abyss) or D&D Expeditions (Play of a short, 3-4 hour adventure)

Saturday 5:30pm – 7:30pm : D&D Princes of the Apocalypse (Play of the published adventure).

Saturday 8:00pm – late: D&D Expeditions (Play of a short, 3-4 hour adventure)

You can see regular updates on our Facebook page.

You can see the upcoming schedule through Warhorn.net

Note that spaces are limited, and booking through Warhorn is appreciated.

You can find more details about the D&D Organised Play programs and D&D Encounters at the D&D Adventurers League page and the Wizards website.


  1. Leon

    Hey there, are you guys still running this guild?? I am an experienced player, new to Ballarat region and very interested in joining a new guild in Ballarat. Age group?


    • MerricB

      Yes, still running the group, although a lot of us won’t be here this Saturday due to being at PAX. However, both Wednesday or the Saturday following would be a good time to come by and say hello! Players range in age from 14 to 50ish.


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