Articles for new D&D players

072014_0257_TheLostMine1.jpgIf you’re a new player of Dungeons & Dragons, welcome! What you are looking at is a collection of my articles that – with any luck – help new players understand how to play the game.

The articles are focused on explaining Dungeons & Dragons in its current edition – 5th edition or 5E – but often reference earlier versions of the game to give a historical context for the rules.

D&D is a game I’ve been playing for over thirty years now and has given me countless hours of entertainment. I hope it entertains you and your friends in a similar manner!

Articles about how the game works:

DM Advice

An Introduction to the Forgotten Realms

The Starter Set Adventure: The Lost Mine of Phandelver

These are reports on what happened when I ran the Starter Set adventure with my groups; you may find them enlightening as to how the game might play.

042115_0335_RunningHoar1.jpgHoard of the Dragon Queen

These are advice columns on what is in each episode, as well as play reports.

Curse of Strahd

Session reports and advice on running Curse of Strahd.


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