Play Dungeons & Dragons at PAX Australia 2016

In a couple of days, I’m going to be in Melbourne attending the PAX Australia 2016 convention.

When I say “attending”, what I mean is that I’m organizing the Dungeons & Dragons games we’ll be running there as part of the D&D Adventurers League.

Over Friday 4th-Sunday 6th November, we will run a lot of D&D – well, as much as we can fit in with the space we’re allotted.

An Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons

Our primary goal there is to introduce Dungeons & Dragons to people who have never played it before. (This reflects most people who attend PAX). In aid of this, we’ll be running a lot of one-hour and two-hour sessions of D&D, with the feature adventure being Shawn Merwin’s Treasure of the Broken Hoard. It’s a lovely adventure, consisting of five missions (each playable in an hour). Here is its description:

Levels 1 to 2. Five one-hour missions. (DDAL05-01)

A treasure-hunter has hired you to help find caches of treasure hidden by the defeated followers of the Cult of the Dragon. Her maps and notes may lead the way to great wealth – or to an early death.

And do other groups have designs on the treasures as well?

For most the convention (Friday 11am-11pm, Saturday 11am-11pm and Sunday 11am-5pm) we’ll have five tables running Treasure of the Broken Hoard. Each table will run one of the missions. You can play them in any order, and – after you complete three or four – you’ll have enough experience points for your new character to reach second level! Now, I’m sure many convention-goers will just play in one of the missions, but you have the option of playing more if you like.

To play the games, just come to the Table Top & Role-playing area and look for the D&D area. There’ll be someone there with a clipboard which lists all the sessions; you can sign-up then for the events (or start playing immediately if there is room).

We will be providing everything you need: a Dungeon Master, dice and pregenerated characters (although you’re welcome to bring your own DDAL-legal character to play). If you want to bring your own character, make sure you review the character-creation guidelines in the DDAL Player’s Guide!

More Games for Beginning Characters

For people who want to play more Dungeons & Dragons than just the introductory scenarios, we’re running several other scenarios as well. Although they’re rated as two-hour scenarios, I’ve placed them in three-hour slots so that the DM and players don’t feel rushed trying to complete them.

THE BLACK ROAD by Paige Leitman and Ben Heisler
Levels 1 to 4. A two-hour adventure. (DDAL05-02)

The Shrine of the Axes in Parnast needs a special statue delivered, and you’ve been hired to escort it across the Anauroch Desert to its destination.

However, the trip won’t be easy. There are reports that orcs and other humanoids are active on the trail, and that a new leader has risen to command them. Can you find out who this new leader is and deliver the statue?

The Black Road will be running Friday 11am, 5 pm, 8 pm; Saturday 11 am, 5 pm, 8 pm and Sunday 11 am.

Levels 1 to 4. A two-hour adventure. (DDAL05-03)

The Shrine of the Axes has been restored, and Raggnar Redtooth is throwing a feast!

There is just one thing he needs: Meat. Game is supposed to be plentiful in the area, but all the villagers are busy with their own work, and orcs and goblinoids are still active in the area.

Can you hunt the game he needs? What could go wrong on a simple hunt?

Uninvited Guests will be running Friday 2 pm, 8 pm; Saturday 2 pm, 8 pm; Sunday 5 pm.

We have two adventures that are premiering at this convention!

Levels 1 to 4. A two-hour adventure. (DDAL05-06)

A ruined wizard tower in the Marsh of Chelimber may hold the means to defeat the leader of the humanoids and prevent him from troubling the town of Parnast. However, first the adventurers must find and clear a route to the tower…

Beneath the Fetid Chelimber will be running Friday 11am, 5 pm, 8 pm; Saturday 11 am, 5 pm, 8 pm and Sunday 11 am.

Levels 1 to 4. A two-hour adventure. (DDAL05-07)

The ruined tower has been found, and now the adventurers need to search beneath its ruins for the magic they need to resist the might of the armies coming towards Parnast!

Chelimber’s Descent will be running Friday 2 pm, 8 pm; Saturday 2 pm, 8 pm; Sunday 5 pm.

Games for Experienced Characters

Not all the games we’re running will be for beginning-level characters. However, by the rules of the D&D Adventurers League, you need to have a character who has adventured from level 1 to play these, so these are mainly for experienced D&D Adventurers League players.

IN DIRE NEED by Jay Africa
Levels 5 to 10. A two-hour adventure (DDAL05-04)

An expedition of dwarves from Citadel Agbar are in trouble: they are besieged by Ice Spire ogres. They require immediate relief?

Can you rescue the dwarves and save their precious cargo, a tablet bearing the secrets of Rune Magic?

In Dire Need will be running Friday 11am, 5 pm; Saturday 11 am, 5 pm and Sunday 11 am.

A DISH BEST SERVED COLD by James Introcaso
Levels 5 to 10. A two-hour adventure (DDAL05-05)

The settlement of Stagwick has long been at peace with giant-kind, but the peace is threatened when a patrol of Blood-Riders spark a feud with a local tribe of giants.

With word of strange activity in the Ice Spires, Good King Hardwick can’t be too careful.

Can you quench the giants’ need for revenge?

A Dish Best Served Cold will be running Friday 2 pm, 8 pm; Saturday 2 pm, 8 pm; Sunday 5 pm.

The Dungeon Masters

We have a crew of 23 people helping bring the games to you over the weekend – this isn’t something I can just do alone. We have people flying in from Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia to help this year, and I’m grateful for their support.

I’m also very grateful to have support from Nick Rappo and the team at Let’s Play Games towards bringing this event to fruition.

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  1. Dan

    Great job getting involved and I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to play this weekend! I’ll look out for you:)


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