An Interesting Kickstarter: 13th Age Campaign Coins and Icon Tokens

These days, I’m tending towards not backing Kickstarter projects. Although it can be a great platform, I’ve seen too many projects fall over and die, or take entirely too long to be fulfilled.

There are a few that I do still think are really interesting, though.

Like this one: 13th Age Campaign Coins and Icon Tokens

Campaign Coins is a Melbourne-based company that do a very good range of fantasy coins and other tokens. I’m particularly fond of their d20 tokens, which I use all the time in my Dungeons & Dragons games: I use them as a physical representation of Inspiration.

Their new Kickstarter is an accessory for the 13th Age RPG, designed by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet. It’s a game I have, and I very much enjoy (even if I’m not currently playing it because, you know, Star Wars has captured my attention).

It consists of two products:

A set of “dwarven” coins, in three denominations, that stack nicely and can be made into little pyramids.

And a set of 13th Age Icons, double-sided, to help the DM remember what Icon relationships have been rolled for a session. (The reverse side uses different colours, so you can indicate to your DM whether you’ve rolled an advantage or a complication).

I tend to not use the coins as coins – I’m more likely to use them as representations of other rewards (or as point scoring in a board game), but there’s something incredibly attractive about them. I have several from their other ranges, and having a set or three of 13th Age tokens just seemed like a really good idea to me.

Campaign Coins also have distributors in the USA, UK and Australia, so for most places the cost of shipping will be pretty low.

So, that’s one of the few Kickstarters I’m backing this year!

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