D&D Accessory Review: Ultra Pro Character Folio

I’ve been a Magic: the Gathering player for many years now (having started in April 1994), and one of the accessories I really like are the Ultra Pro Card Folders. They’re sturdy, well-made, and I store a lot of my cards in them.

When I learnt that Ultra Pro were doing a Character Folio in which I could store character sheets and spell cards, I was very happy, and come the start of this year, I happily picked up the new folder. It consists of ten pockets (holding 8½” x 11″ sheets) and two 18-pocket sheets holding spell cards (the Gale Force 9 spell cards, being the same size as Magic cards, fit well into the slots).

The size of the pockets is not quite large enough (by a few millimetres) to hold an A4 sheet (which measure 8.27″x11.69″), which is the standard paper size in Australia and most of the world outside the US. It holds Letter-sized sheets nicely.

Just having the protection for the sheets wouldn’t be enough to recommend it, but it’s the card sleeves that push it into a product that is something that is very useful for the fully-accessorised D&D player!

There is just one flaw with the product, and it’s a big one: the cover is too light.

The Magic card folders Ultra Pro do have nice stiff covers, designed to protect the Magic cards therein. This one doesn’t, no doubt due the fold in the plastic that allows additional papers to be stored in the cover. This was a design mistake: I much, much, much would have preferred a stiffer, thicker cover. Character sheets crease even easier than Magic cards, and they need to be protected!

Even with the soft cover, I find it a useful product; and I’d find it even more so if I played more of the D&D Adventurers League games rather than DMing them. However, the soft cover is a real problem with the product. I hope they fix it if the Ultra Pro Character Folio gets another release!


  1. Callan

    I got one and for a second I thought maybe their was a pocket on the inside of the cover so you could just tuck in a piece of cardboard – but it’s not a pocket. Possibly could still do something with that. Anyway, if they sell okay the company might look at firm covers in future.


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