A list of places to play D&D in the Asia-Pacific region

One of the things I occasionally get asked is “where can I play D&D?”

The answer to that is “anywhere you can find players!”

But, of course, finding players can be the tricky bit.

To aid the answering of this question, I’ve started up a list of clubs and stores that run D&D events. I’m also trying to tag them (as I get more information) as to what forms of official D&D Adventurers League play they run – if they do.

If your favourite store or club isn’t on the list, please e-mail me the details! (merricb@yahoo.co.uk)

I need…

  • Name of the store or club
  • The address
  • Link to their home page
  • Days and times D&D is run
  • Which types of D&D Adventurers League events are offered (if any). Currently three types:
    • AL = short adventure of the program previously known as Expeditions. Typically with a DDAL or DDEX code.
    • HC = play of the official hardcover adventures using D&D AL rules.
    • LE = play of official D&D Launch Events when they occur

Thus, the answers for my own FLGS are:


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