5E Adventure Review: Temple of the Nightbringers

M.T. Black’s adventure, Temple of the Nightbringers has been released as a free pdf on the DMs Guild site. It’s designed to be played in a single session by first-level characters.

The adventure is very elegantly presented, and is well-written. The plot is simple: after arriving in the town of Melton, the PCs are sent to deal with a goblin lair. It uses one of the maps provided for use of the Dungeon Masters’ Guild, along with a few other pieces of artwork.

Honestly, this is a gem. Perhaps not flawless, but there’s a lot to like. The adventure is nicely detailed, it’s more than just a simple hack’n’slash adventure, and it looks like a lot of fun. The major problems it has come from the difficulty of the encounters; even with the aid of an NPC, the players are likely to find the dungeon difficult to clear in a single expedition as intended. It might be better played with 2nd or even 3rd level adventures.

It has a few issues that I want to highlight: it tends to put the number of monsters in the boxed text rather than in the DM’s text. I’d prefer it in both – put the number of monsters next to the bold word indicating which stat-block to use. The copyright information on the front page uses the standard Wizards template available on the site: this text is inappropriate for this adventure. You do retain copyright over your own contributions, and the text needs to indicate that. Finally, the treasure rewards are quite high for a first-level adventure.

Despite these problems, I still think this is an impressive product, which makes good use of Forgotten Realms lore in an enjoyable adventure.

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