A couple of Dungeon Masters Guild releases

A couple of things…

Rob Donoghue has posted a new Warlock Pact, the Grey Tyrant, to the Dungeon Masters Guild. I’ve no idea how balanced it is, but I really like some of the concepts he’s implemented. In particular, I think the Power in Endings pact boon is brilliant, although the wording’s a little imprecise. However, getting back a spell slot each time you fail a death saving throw? That’s an awesome idea!

You also have the other end of the scale, The Wall by Joshua Woodney, where a little proofreading of the product’s description would not have gone amiss. See for yourself:

The Wall is a fight archetype thats focus is on protecting allies and absorbing damage. While he may not be the highest damage dealer his abilitys are not only defencive.

It reminds me of Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. “Congratulations, Mr Baldrick! Something of a triumph, I think — you must be the first person ever to spell `Christmas’ without getting any of the letters right at all!” It’s not that bad, but please, please, please… proofread! J

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