PAX Australia 2015 thoughts

Well, it’s been a fun (and exhausting) three days. We ran a LOT of D&D at PAX Australia. Yes, only four tables, but that’s four tables by THIRTY HOURS! Two of the tables were running 1-hour games, all the better to introduce players to D&D. And we had a lot of new players.

(We also had players returning to play more. And we had to turn away players.)

There were a few challenges, not least that we couldn’t sign people up for the DCI – online sign-ups only work if you (a) have the time and (b) have a desk and computer where you can sign people up. So, I’m afraid the exact numbers will be unreported. Though I’ll go through the sign-up sheets and make an estimate. (In general: LOTS! I’d say we saw around 400 people, and possibly even more).

If you played with us at PAX Australia, thank you so much! Our regular facebook group is here: D&D Adventurers League (Asia Pacific). If you’re wanting to play more D&D, talk to us there and we’ll help you find a game. Or help you start running some D&D Adventurers League games. (The DDAL releases about 25-30 scenarios a year, playable in public places. We’re always looking for more stores and volunteers to help!)

But it was really, really great. There’s more I will say, but for now I’m rather exhausted – little sleep and a LOT of standing on my feet.

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