Princes of the Apocalypse, sessions 18-19

Two of the adventurers had died in an ambush by the air cult as they had returned from the dwarven city below, and so the group had become indebted to the Zhentarim. This mean that they were obligated to travel down to Bargewright Inn to meet the local Zhentarim contact, Nalaskur Thaelond.

The amount of money they owed wasn’t too large, so the job they were given wasn’t tremendously onerous: all they had to do was accompany a caravan of goods up to Triboar. Of course, the reason they needed to accompany it was because of increased bandit activity on the roads.

It is to be certain that the bandits were not expecting such a well-defended caravan. The spell-casters of the party were key to the adventurers’ victory, with fireball spells and other area-effect magics doing horrible things to the bandits as they attempted to keep hidden and snipe from cover. Yes, they might have the numbers, but when the adventurers were now attacking twice per round (in the case of the fighters) or using superior spells, not much can stand in their way.

An attack by air cultists mounted on giant vultures was thwarted on the third day by the group’s superior alertness – they just saw them far away. And you know what the range of the fireball spell is? It’s significant. And that was that for the air cultists.

The caravan reached Triboar, finished its business there, and returned to Womford. The adventurers were thanked, and their debt was discharged. The Zhentarim were pleased with them… should the adventurers feel pleased? (Jandar was happy, however!)

With all the party resurrected and debt-free, they returned to the dwarf city near Feathergale Spire. A couple of the adventurers moved ahead stealthily, and were able to neutralise the guards before the alarm was raised. The group then proceeded north, where a number of air cultists tried to stop them from approaching the great pyramid. More and more cultists arrived, their leader riding a great wyvern. It was a hard-fought battle, with spells, missiles and swords all employed. Thumbalina was knocked off into the moat that surrounded the pyramid and was swept towards a great waterfall that plummeted to unknown depths, only to be saved by Krovis, using winged boots to fly and pull her from the current – and just before a great, underwater stone golem smote her!

Zed was kept busy alongside Diablo using their magic to keep the wyvern at bay, while Jandar protected them both with his axe and sword. Once rescued, Thumbalina returned to the fray with a vengeance, and Gimble continued to snipe from the shadows, cultists falling one after the other, unaware from where the deadly missiles were emanating.

Eventually, all fell quiet – the party triumphant – and they entered the pyramid. Within the grand half of the temple, more cultists attempted to stop their advance, but the cultists’ spells were resisted with Krovis’ divine aura working well to protect his friends, while more missiles and weapons – Jandar running to the front and engaging the foes – kept the battle short, if bloody. Up the stairs the party proceeded, to the Great Temple of Elemental Air, where the Prophet of Air waited for them, whiling away the time by torturing Windharrow, the musician they had met a tenday or so ago.

The Prophet, Aerisi, attempted to summon aid with a great horn, but she was unable to reach it with the party using weapon and spell against her to slay her before she could do anything of note, save cast a single lightning bolt spell that severely hurt man of the adventurers A great shaft led down from the temple into immeasurable depths, but the adventurers ignored it as they went in search of plunder.

Krovis took the great spear of the Prophet from her, lightning crackling around its tip, and claimed it for his own. The others made do with gold and gems.

However, as the group was now hurt, bloodied and exhausted, it was time for them to leave. They were able to do so unmolested. Finally, they could get some much-needed rest.

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