5E Review – Erenoth: The Wayward Wanderer

Erenoth: The Wayward Wanderer isn’t an adventure. Normally that means I wouldn’t review it, but it rather caught my eye. The Wayward Wanderer is a tavern, the starting place for many adventures. Matt Click of A Fistful of Dice designed it for his homebrew world Erenoth, and has now presented it to us as a PDF. It’s an attractive presentation with nice art, although the full-colour presentation and portrait orientation make it a little difficult to print or to read on my laptop. It’d be fine on my tablet, though.

What The Wayward Wanderer gives you is a few NPCs, a few rumours of adventure, a few magic items, and a lot of thematic flavour. Built in the ruins of an old watchtower, the tavern has a few secrets and interesting people to entertain players. A table of 50 random guests should give some useful inspiration to DMs, and sprinkled throughout the text are pieces of advice on DMing.

At 20 pages, it isn’t the longest of products, but I think it’s got a number of very nice features that I could use elsewhere even without using the entire tavern-as-written. It isn’t short on good inspiration, and I value that.

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