5E Adventure Review: Friend of the Children

The latest adventure from EN5ider, Friend of the Children, has an absolutely brilliant idea behind it: The children of a small village have stopped aging. Of course, it is up to the adventurers to find both the cause and a cure!

The adventure does not force the action, instead giving an overview of the village, its inhabitants and the local surroundings, with plenty of material for the DM to use to bring the setting to life. This is a sandbox adventure, which doesn’t give the DM any events to work with. It instead relies on player actions and the DM’s ingenuity to drive the plot.

It’s not really a good fit for players who prefer combat to intrigue and investigation, but will be very good for those who like role-playing. The ideas behind the story are really good, although it is possible that the adventure might go by very fast if the players make all the right decisions. There’s some combat in the latter part of the adventure; possibly a bit more if the dice indicate random encounters in the wilderness.

The artwork and maps are good, and the layout is fine – much better than the early days of EN5ider.

I like this one. Well worth investigating if you want an investigation-based adventure.


  1. Connors

    Thanks for sharing Merric. I have not yet read this one, but it sounds interesting. I wish I had more chance to use adventures.
    Have you reviewed other En5ider articles, or just the adventures?


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