5E Adventure Review: Never Ask Directions

Never Ask Directions is a short side-trek adventure for level 2-4 characters. It provides the situation of a halfling asking the players for aid against a group of bandits, which is complicated by the halfling having ulterior motives. At three encounters over 14 pages, there’s a good amount of descriptive text, and it is attractively presented.

John Rossomango is a good writer, and the adventure has a number of good touches and suggestions for making it memorable. It’s unlikely to take a group more than a session to get through, but there’s enough role-playing and combat here to entertain players for that time, and there’s the possibility of some developments leading onto further adventures.

The layout of the adventure is good, and the artwork is likewise of good quality. Although the maps are clear, they are the weakest part of the adventure; the graphics are a bit too computer-generated for my taste. Strangely enough, I feel they break the aesthetic of the rest of the adventure!

Despite that, this is a good little adventure, well worth investigating.


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