5E Adventure Review: Bloodfang Caves

The second adventure release from Assassin Games, Bloodfang Caves, is a short dungeon-crawl for low-level characters. The background for the adventure relates how once Graknor Bloodfang was a feared orc warlord until he was deposed by a lieutenant. Now he lives as the head of a band of puny goblins. Four potential adventure hooks are given for the characters; interestingly, two of them involve working with the humanoids that Graknor once ruled, allowing this adventure to be used by both good and evil parties.

Ultimately, the goal is to find and kill Graknor – and probably most of the other things living in the caves, which are mostly goblins. The caves are relatively undistinguished, but do a good job of presenting a goblin lair. For the most part, there are few tricks and traps, but the notes on goblin movements and reinforcements make this adventure more than just kill everything you see – there’s at least a little tactical thinking to be done. There really isn’t very much scope for role-playing. The cave structure is mostly linear, with only a few side-passages.

A set of random encounters and interesting cave features to add detail to otherwise empty caverns round off the product.

The product could do with another editing pass, but is generally well-written. The art is good and the entire product is attractively presented.

The adventure doesn’t suggest a level range beyond “low-level”, but I’d place it as an adventure for characters of levels 3 and 4, just simply due to the number of goblins encountered.

Bloodfang Caves is a solid adventure, although I find it just a bit mundane; the adventure background promises more than the adventure delivers. For those seeking an excursion against a tribe of goblins, you’ll probably find this adventure of use.

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