5E Adventure Review: The Leviathan’s Tomb

It is a delight to read the adventures of new writers, especially when they write adventures as well-constructed as this one. The Leviathan’s Tomb is an adventure for five level 3 characters, although it provides notes for scaling the adventure for 3-5 characters of levels 1-4, in the manner of the D&D Expeditions adventures.

A nearby lord needs help clearing out an ancient, island castle of the dangers that inhabit it. The adventure begins with the characters reaching the lord’s town by sea… or almost reaching the town. In fact, they’re dropped a few miles away from the town, because the sailors are wary of this land, calling it thrice-cursed. This impression is likely to be reinforced by encounters in the nearby town, and then the island.

There are a nice set of encounters in town, several that help set the atmosphere and allow the players to realise that not everything is as it appears. The dungeon part of the adventure takes place in the crypts of the castle, and are stocked with a variety of monsters, tricks and traps: the essentials of a good dungeoncrawl experience. There’s a good amount of detail and background as well, which helps the DM properly set the stage for the players.

I really appreciate how the adventure builds: characters discover things throughout the adventure that become relevant later. The adventure rewards good play, and presents interesting situations for the players. If I have any concern, it is about how difficult it is. Some of the encounters are very challenging! However, it’s quite likely that good play would be able to overcome these encounters.

The artwork is good, and the maps are excellent.

The Leviathan’s Tomb isn’t a particularly long adventure: at 19 pages, it would likely be finished in a session or two, but it’s one that has impressed me. There are other adventures on the way from Save vs Boredom, and I’m really looking forward to reading them.


  1. HipsteRPG

    I just started to run this adventure yesterday and I share your toughs about it. A nice and fun adventure to run in 1 or 2 sessions. And for 1 buck I think is a must have.


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