The Rise of Tiamat – Session 10

Xonthal’s Tower, Mount Hlim. 1489 DR.

Beneath the tower, the adventurers were soon attacked by a number of elementals – earth and fire elementals – which attacked as soon as they came into the chamber. Music and Mordechai, both tieflings, scorned the scorching touch of the fire elementals, with the doughty eldritch knight engaging all three of the elementals and swinging about lustily.

When naught remained but scorch marks and scattered rocks, the adventurers discovered a path of bloody footprints leading onwards, down a corridor lit by dim glowglobes. Several doors led off the corridor, and – although the footprints did not lead there – the group were curious enough to investigate.

The first room was obviously a wizard’s laboratory, with worktables covered by equipment and notes. However, it’s most unusual feature was a great standing whirlwind in the centre of the room, ten feet across and stretching from floor to ceiling. Within the whirlwind, several sparkling gems could be seen, whirling about.

Ice immediately declared that she wanted one, and so the group attempted to grab one. Unfortunately, the attempt was not successful – those thing were moving fast! – and one of the gems flew out of the whirlwind, uncaught, and shattered on the floor, releasing what was stored inside – a water elemental! Mordechai suffered a few good hits from it before they brought it down.

Ice still wanted a gem, so the group attempted again, this time Mordechai using a mage hand spell to attempt to catch one. It was no more successful than before, and another water elemental appeared to face them. After the battle was done, and Music had healed the eldritch knight, Ice still wanted a gem, but Darius bundled the protesting halfling out of the door as the adventurers searched for safer challenges.

Steps led down to an amazing sight: a walkway stretching over infinite space, with stars all around sparkling in unfamiliar constellations. Meteors streaked above and below the path, and doors leading to nothing the group could see led off the pathway.

The path was not all that safe, as the group discovered when some of the meteors swept down on them. Most of the group ducked successfully, although Ice had to be recovered from where she hung on the side of the path!

The path forked, both directions leading to chambers of some kind. The group turned right, and found themselves at the doorway of a brightly lit chamber. Within it, a red-skinned creature wearing armour of flame, bronze and volcanic stone sat, cross-legged, contemplating a chessboard. It looked up with some delight upon noticing the adventurers, and greeted them with joy. It explained that it was a noble efreeti from the City of Brass, trapped here by the cruel Xonthal. A line of salt across the archway kept it trapped – if the adventurers would just break it, it could retrieve Iskander for them, who had been lost when he fell of the walkway.

The adventurers were sceptical, and declined his offer, instead deciding to check the other chamber than trust the efreeti. It raged at them as they left, but they paid it no further heed.

The final chamber proved that the efreeti was lying, as there, crumpled on the floor, was Iskander, dead of many wounds. By him lay the Blue Dragon Mask. Nothing could be done for him here, so the adventurers gathered his corpse and the mask and left the tower.

Their departure was not unhindered. A great blue dragon swooped down from above, demanding the mask. The adventurers shouted back their denials at the dragon, and began to fling spells and missiles at it, but failed to properly scatter. The dragon let loose a massive lightning bolt at the adventurers. After the blast, Ice lay on the ground, unmoving, although the rest of the group were still hale.

The battle was hard, but the eldritch blasts from the warlock when coupled with his hex spell proved too much for the dragon, which was slain when attempting to flee. Ice was dead, and so the group began to travel towards Baldur’s Gate, seeking a priest who could return her to life…

One comment

  1. Sean

    Ice died?! Dark the Dragon Sorceress will amused, as she considered “Ice the Ice Sorceress” a rival when your party brushed paths with mine in Waterdeep in my campaign.


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