Comic Review: Legends of Baldur’s Gate #5

And so, the story ends, as many a D&D campaign ends, with a big fight against a dragon.

The great disappointment here is that this is it. Legends of Baldur’s Gate has been a beautifully written and drawn comic, and Jim Zub makes sure Minsc manages to get some of his best known and iconic lines in this issue. The action is drawn clearly by Max Dunbar, so it was easy to follow what was going on.

Taken as a whole, Legends of Baldur’s Gate tells the story of one young half-elf finding a place for herself in the world, set against the magnificent backdrop of Baldur’s Gate. I’ve mentioned it before, but Jim Zub and Max Dunbar have done a spectacular job of bringing the city to life, drawing on what has come before and adding their own elements.

Although there are elements of the Cult of the Dragon from the Tyranny of Dragons storyline, those elements have only a minor role in the overall story. (Greater enlightenment into that story comes from the adventures Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat, which I’ve been running and reporting on for the past six months). This is as much as really can be expected: the tempo of publishing monthly comics is at odds with the deeper storytelling possible in a novel, and a six-month window doesn’t leave that much time to really broaden the tale. Which is a real pity, as the characters are fantastic and I want to spend more time with them.

This tale has a few elements from the Tyranny story arc, but works very well on its own.

I’ve really enjoyed this series. I wish there were more!


  1. richgreen01

    Oh no! Was really enjoying it too. Both the Pathfinder and the D&D comics seem to be running these short 5 or 6 part series at the moment.


    • merricb

      It’s relatively global as I understand; most of the long-form comic series break down into 4-6 issues each storyline (the better to trade paperback them). But I really loved these characters and I really want to see the story continue!


      • merricb

        Afraid not. I don’t really read that many comics – I mostly picked this up to see how it tied into Tyranny of Dragons and was really pleased by the result!


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