Kickstarters! Shadow of the Demon Lord! Dwarven Forge! 5E Adventures!

A few interesting RPG-related kickstarters are coming towards their closing stages at present…

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a new RPG by Robert J Schwalb, which emphasizes play in a land which is menaced by a powerful Demon Lord. Mechanically, it’s going to be relatively light, but with options for more detailed play. There is a strong horror component to this game, and it’s a world on the brink of the apocalypse. Knowing my players, they’d probably push it over…

One of the things that interests me about the game (apart from its designer, who has many good RPG books to his credit, not least the excellent Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells for D&D 3.5e) is that you can play a campaign of the game in as few as 10-11 sessions. This is a major bonus: I rarely have time to devote to long-term campaigns of games other than D&D, but I play a lot of smaller campaigns. This game fits nicely into that niche.

So, that’s Shadow of the Demon Lord, which I’m happily backing and looking forward to the results!

Dwarven Forge: City Builder System is now down to its last 24 hours. I backed both their previous kickstarters (Dungeons and Caverns) and I’m really pleased with what I got. They’re an utterly professional company and one of the few companies whose kickstarters have been delivered on time.

And their new City Builder System pieces look gorgeous!

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the money to back this one, which is a real shame. The cost of international shipping and the weakening Australian dollar are two reasons, but I’d also have to get entirely too much of it to build the streetscape I really would like to. So, I’m going to sadly miss out on this one, but if you’re able to, this is one worth backing.

Dungeons on Demand: 5th Edition Dungeon Adventures is Dan Coleman’s way of finding funding for a number of pdf adventures compatible with 5E. He’s released one adventure for free, Bandit’s Nest (which I’ve reviewed), and plans on writing three additional adventures – for levels 4, 8 and 12.

It’s a pretty cheap kickstarter to back, and there are some good ideas in Bandit’s Nest. I’m a bit more cautious about what we’ll get from this kickstarter, but I’m supportive of anyone who wants to write new adventures.

And yes, I do plan to review them if I get the chance!

This one is also down to its last day.

The Folio #2: 1E & 5E Module Launch!
This is an old-school adventure written by Scott Taylor and Mark Timm presented for both 1st edition and 5th edition players. Although this is the kickstarter for #2, there’s an option that allows you to pick up both #1 and #2 – in both editions of the game. (The 5E version is pdf-only, but given my problems storing stuff at present, I’m quite happy with this.

Scott Taylor runs the website/blog “The Art of the Genre“, which looks at the wonderful art of editions past, and The Folio seeks to continue this tradition: marrying great art with interesting adventures.

I look forward to seeing the result! This one is down to its last 2 days as well.

So, those are the four RPG-related Kickstarters that are ending soon that have caught my attention. Let me know if you see any others I should know about – especially if they concern 5E adventures!

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