The Rise of Tiamat, session 5

The Tomb of Diderius. The Serpent Hills.

The adventurers had rested following their discovery of the secret entrance leading to the yuan-ti tunnels, and they were now ready to proceed. As the secret door opened, it revealed six lizardfolk guarding the door, who sprang to attack the adventurers. They were not the greatest threat, and soon dispatched. One was taken captive, and left behind, tied up, after revealing only a little about the passages ahead.

A more dangerous situation presented itself as a slender bridge, slippery due to its dampness and large patches of moss, was the only way to reach a group of lizardfolk supported by yuan-ti archers. Unfortunately for the snake-people, Ice was getting more comfortable using fire magic, and fireball spells inflicted more damage than their arrows did in return. Danger might have waited below the bridge, but no-one slipped off, even as they walked across without roping each other together! (Seriously, it’s astonishing to see the incredibly high rolls this group can make at times when it would be quite bad for them to roll low… although, they’re very good at rolling low in combat. And especially at rolling high for initiative and then low for attack rolls!)

The group continued straight ahead when they came to a side passage, and so came to a large meditation chamber, with twin statues of two yuan-ti gods, as well as two suits of armour. Gems glittered in the eyes of the statues, attracting the attention of the adventurers, especially Ice, who was very eager to pry them from their sockets. When that was attempted, however, a multitude of snakes slithered from the walls into the suits of armour, animating them and causing the adventures some discomfit at, not only would they be struck, they would be poisoned as well! A little curative magic was needed afterwards, but the snakes were destroyed and the gems gained, so the adventurers were happy.

Another group of yuan-ti and lizardfolk confronted the adventurers as they came across some living quarters, but they hardly proved a threat, as they were surprised by the adventurers and soon subdued.

Pressing onwards, the adventurers avoided a trap, then proceeded through a secret door into the yuan-ti’s prison complex, which was quite empty of prisoners. Where was the Wyrmspeaker?

In fact, he was in the very next chamber! However, he was not alone: several yuan-ti, including their priestess, were awaiting the arrival of the adventurers. The adventurers chose not to immediately attack, instead listening to the demands of the priestess. The demands were slight: she only wanted for them to leave the lair without killing any other yuan-ti, in exchange, they’d let them have Varram – although he would be under an enchantment that would kill him if the adventurers broke their word. The group considered the situation, and agreed, taking Varram… and with Mordechai picking up their lizardfolk prisoner on the way back. The enchantment was lifted in a little while, and they bundled Varram up for delivery back to the Council of Waterdeep… and his interrogation. His Mask of Dragons was nowhere in sight, and he revealed that it had been retrieved by the Cult and taken to the Well of Dragons.

Just before the group left, Mordechai returned back to the Tomb, filled the pool of prophecy, and sacrificed the lizardfolk captive to learn the location of the Draakhorn. (Lawful Evil characters apparently have little respect for intelligent life!) He was disappointed by the result, however: it, too, had been taken to the Well of Dragons, the stronghold of the Cult of the Dragon. The adventurers were not prepared to go there just yet, but it is likely that the day is coming…


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