5E Adventure Review: The Storm Keep

The first adventure from WanderLOST Adventures, The Storm Keep, presents a keep that is currently being plagued by a number of elemental manifestations. The wizard who lived there is lost, and his apprentices are trapped inside.

It’s a nice little adventure, which shouldn’t take much more than a session to play through. There are eight areas to explore, all of which get a good amount of detail. Random elemental effects add a bit of chaos to encounters, and the adventure gives a good mix of role-playing, combat and exploration. Balance-wise, it’s fairly good, although the final encounter could be entirely too difficult. Challenge Rating of 5 for a 3rd-level party? Bit problematic, although there are tricks that allow a smart party to avoid the full danger of this encounter. In fact, it might not be that difficult, but the text is a little unclear in this section on how to run it. Do you need to fight the Big Bad directly? Or are his powers limited?

The adventure is nicely formatted and is quite attractive in appearance, despite not using art save for the maps. The maps are simple, computer-generated affairs, and their greatest sin is not using a numeric key to link to the descriptions of the rooms. Although it’s generally not needed due to the simple design of the keep, there are a couple of times when it would make the layout clearer.

The adventure presumes use of the D&D Basic rules, and provides stat-blocks and descriptions for a number of original monsters and magic items.

Overall, it’s a nice adventure, albeit with a few issues that you should be able to overcome.


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  2. Jeremy

    I’ve just recently started coming to your site here and wanted to say Thank You for all of the reviews! I like your descriptions and always feel like you give enough to make a good decision. I also have picked up all of the Necromancer products (either as pdf’s or as a book) and wanted to say Thank You for that too.


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