5E Adventure Review: A Little Bit of Thievery

A Little Bit of Thievery is a short adventure for first-level characters in which the characters are hired to steal a magical object (a silver raven figurine) that is being displayed at a noble’s party. The adventure describes the grounds of the manor, its inhabitants, and a number of potential options for the players.

The adventure doesn’t presume the characters will go it in a particular fashion. It instead offers suggestions to the DM as to what the NPCs will do in reaction to various PCs. It’s not a particularly complicated adventure, but it covers most of the basics a DM would need, and it has some nice touches.

The adventure ends with suggestions as to what might happen next; in particular, the noble from whom the item was stolen from is unlikely to be happy, and may well be able to track down the PCs!

Production values are good, although some of the art is decidedly amateur. Overall, it’s a nice little adventure, albeit short.

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