Adventure Review: Adventures in High Wold

Adventures in High Wold is a 9-page adventure and sourcebook for a small town by Corey Ryan Walden. It’s attractively presented, and is designed to be used with any fantasy RPG. This means that it lacks any statistics past terms like “1st level fighter”. It wouldn’t be hard to adapt it for use, but it does require some work on the part of the DM.

The town of High Wold was once prosperous, but due to the policies of its corrupt mayor is no longer so, and many of its buildings are now dilapidated. The adventure describes fourteen areas in the town. Some of them have hooks for further adventures, and the appendix has additional adventure ideas.

In an attempt to keep the adventure generic, the author has moved a lot of specific information, such as NPC names and motivations, into areas of text offset from the main descriptions. I don’t think this is necessary: I’m far more interested in these ideas than in the more generic descriptions of people and places.

There are some nice ideas in Adventures in High Wold, and some of the adventure ideas are really good. However, due to the DM needing to design most of the adventures, what you’re actually getting is a town with a couple of encounters and some potential for expansion. It looks good and reads nicely, though.

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