Comic Review: Legends of Baldur’s Gate #4

I’m extremely late with this review of Legends of Baldur’s Gate #4 – which is mostly due to being very busy with The Book of Lost Spells – but it’s worth noting that this is a great issue. The story kicks into high gear with this instalment, getting ready for the Big Finale in issue #5.

“Boo, if he does not help us, you must bite his nose off. Understood?” “Squee”

It is probably fair to say that Delina does not have a great time this issue, but Minsc certainly gets to have a great time, continuing with his habit of speaking in eminently quotable lines that are just a bit deranged.

We get some significant plot and character development here, but the issue revolves around a rescue attempt which doesn’t quite go to plan. Coran and Duke Ravenguard get some quality time together, which balances the combat.

Max Dunbar’s art remains of high quality, with the backgrounds showing the nature of the city extremely well. The pale coloration of the skin and hair of the moon elves in the story (mainly Delina) really shows them as being unlike the other races; it’s very distinctive, and I guess we can thank John-Paul Bove for their realisation.

One oddity I noticed: the Duke’s surname is spelt as Ravengard in the Murder in Baldur’s Gate adventure, but Ravenguard here.

I’m very happy with Legends of Baldur’s Gate #4; it’s got a great cliff-hanger ending, and I am anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the tale.

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