5E Adventure Review: The Temple of Qultar

The Temple of Qultar is the first release from Matt Jackson of Chubby Monster Games for the new edition of D&D. It’s a four-page pdf, consisting of an unkeyed map and three pages of description of the temple and the dungeon beneath it. No level is given for the adventure, but as there’s a Challenge Rating 5 monster in the adventure, I’m calling a 5th-level adventure.

The map is absolutely excellent. Chubby Monster Games have, in fact, a tradition of doing map products, and this one is beautifully drawn. The package also comes with a couple of png-format files of the map, one in black & white and one with a parchment background.

The adventure is fairly-well written, although it would benefit from one more pass by an editor. If the cemetery is ancient, why are the bodies described as “decomposing”? There are also grammatical and spelling errors, though mostly of a minor sort. The adventure also invents a new condition or two – “Fearful” gives -2 to all rolls and can only be removed by the bless spell – but apparently not by the spells that remove the frightened condition. Curious.

The adventure is evocative, although it would be nice to have just a little more background about the temple and its deity; it seems that the temple once was dedicated to Good, but has fallen into evil a long time ago with the arrival of Qultar of the Thousand Eyes. The DM will need to do a little work to properly give the temple a context.

As it stands, this is half-a-session’s adventure, but some expansion would allow it to function as more than that. The price – a mere dollar – should not deter you from picking this up, if you’d like a nice old-school site in which to set your next adventure, or to have your players stumble across one wintery day in the wilderness.

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