Khans of Tarkir Sealed Pool

I play a fair bit of Magic: the Gathering in addition to my board-gaming and role-playing. This evening, I competed (I used the term very loosely) in a Khans of Tarkir Sealed Daily event.

My card pool was… underwhelming.

Have a look:

It’s not that the pool doesn’t have bombs – it certainly does, especially with Crater’s Claws and Duneblast.

The trouble is that the creature base is pretty much non-existent.

I ended up building a Abzan deck: White-Black-Green.

I got wrecked in the two matches I played by Riverwheel Aerialists – 4/5 fliers – which none of my creatures could kill. I went 1-2 then 0-2 then dropped. The one game I won I was able to surprise my opponent with Master of Pearls, but all in all, it was disappointing. If anyone has ideas as to a good deck you could make from this pool, let me know!

One comment

  1. teewee

    I would have gone four colors with the pool, mainly just Mardu colors, because you’ve got some solid removal here, three removal in white, two DI’s in black and a fuckin Dead Drop, Bring Low and craters claw for red. The reason you would splash green is for Dragonscale Boon and Duneblast, all the critters can easily come from mardu colors.


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