Comic Review: Legends of Baldur’s Gate #2

The adventures (or possibly misadventures) of Delina, Minsc and Boo continue in this issue in fine style. We get a couple of new characters being introduced – a pair of rogues – who being to help our heroes (although possibly for more mercenary reasons than they’re letting Delina and Minsc know about), and we also get to see some of the powers of the city in action. As befits a story in Baldur’s Gate, there are a few intrigues going on of which Delina and Minsc are currently unaware.

The writing is really good and the art is fantastic. I must draw attention to the work Max Dunbar does on drawing backgrounds for the scenes – the architecture and furnishings of the rooms really help sell the setting to me. This is exceptional work, and when it’s paired with Jim Zub’s excellent dialog and plotting, the result is a comic I’m really enjoying.

Jim Zub makes good use of established Forgotten Realms features in his tale. As I’ve run the adventure Murder in Baldur’s Gate, it’s good to see characters that were prominent in that adventure feature in the comic. The Forgotten Realms isn’t just about the architecture, after all – the characters are tremendously important for its feel.

This is the second of six issues of this miniseries. I’m expecting the pace to pick up a bit in the next couple of issues, now that the introduction of the major threats and characters is done.

Minsc is a delight, as always, but it’s going to be very interesting to see him in the next issue as he meets a character who knew him a hundred years ago…

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