Changes from the D&D Playtest: The Starter Set Rogue

Copies of the Starter Set have begun to arrive in Canada early. (Very early – about three weeks so). As a result, we now are able to look at the final character sheets in the set

Here’s a run-through of what has changed for the Rogue from the Interim Rules Supplement in Dead in Thay.

Hit Dice: This is a big one. The Rogue now has d8 hit dice rather than d6.

Expertise: Instead of giving a flat bonus of +5, it instead doubles the proficiency bonus. It also only applies to two proficiencies. (In this character’s case, Stealth and Thieves’ Tools).

Sneak Attack: Reaches +2d6 at level 3, and +3d6 at level 5 instead of levels 5 and 8.

Dash is the new Hustle.

Thieves’ Cant is learned at level 1 rather than 2, but this may be an effect of Criminal.

Uncanny Dodge is what was called Evasion in the interim rules.

Second Story Work is the new Burglary; the jumping bonus has been changed to your Dexterity modifier.

Cunning Actions now states it grants a bonus action, not an extra action.

The Number of Skills is lower than before. The thief used to get 4 in addition to the 3 background skills, this thief only has 6 skills in total. It is likely that the skills gained are 2 from background, 3 from class, and one either free choice or racially-based. (There are arguments for both).

The Criminal Background is new, along with its Criminal Contact trait.

Armour Proficiencies have changed; the rogue no longer has proficiency with medium armour.

Weapon Proficiencies have changed; the rogue no longer has proficiency with light crossbows.

Saving Throws have changed; the rogue now has Intelligence and Dexterity instead of just Dexterity

Sneak Attack now clarifies that it only works with Dexterity-based attacks, and you can’t use it if you have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Racial Ability Score Modifiers have changed to +2 and +1, but I can’t tell if it is +2 Dex and +1 Cha or the other way around!

Well, that’s what I spotted! Coming soon – the archer Fighter, although I don’t think there will be as much to be gleaned from it!

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