Changes from the D&D Playtest: More Starter Fighter changes

With the posting of the archer build of the Fighter with a Folk Hero background, we’ve learned… not that much more.

Folk Hero: This is a new background, which gives the Rustic Hospitality trait. Skills? Certainly Animal Handling and perhaps Survival.

Fighting Style: Archery: The bonus to attack has changed to +2, up from +1.

No Mount proficiency? Does the Vehicles (Land) proficiency include riding horses? It wouldn’t surprise me.

Ability Score Modifiers: Mike Mearls has confirmed that most non-humans get +2 to one stat and +1 to another. I’ve also heard that Humans get +1 to all stats, but there will be options to replace that with something else in the full rules.

For my other articles on what has changed since the Interim Rules supplements…

And it seems that much of what I wrote about playing the D&D Next playtest characters still applies:


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