Basic D&D PDF to include How to Play and Character Creation

Mike Mearls has tweeted that the Basic D&D PDF to be released on Thursday, 3rd July will include the “Core Rules” in addition to the character creation material – that is, it will have Combat, Exploration, Spells and the other material you need to run the game.

Other DM-specific material you need to create adventures, in particular, monsters, will be in a later update when the Player’s Handbook is released.

All of this material makes the initial release of Basic D&D to be over 100 pages.

As noted below, the release will likely be delayed to business hours so there is someone around in case the site crashes!

In other news from Mike…

@sirgourls: There a plan for spell lists in #DnDNext to not get to be such a pain the way they used to with slews of new spells each book?

Yes, we’re looking to really dial back on new options

@Bulletpointe: Is the August update to Basic going to include Downtime?

It might – updates will continue until end of year to get a sense of what DMs need

@Garmelbon: Are Plane Shift and Teleportation Circle gone or are they just not in Basic?

Not in basic, still in game.

@mpetruzz: I just noticed that the wizard sheet doesn’t mention casting spells as rituals. Was that removed? Say it ain’t so!

Definitely in PHB. Might be covered in starter rulebook

@discerningdm: Do CRs add mathematically without resorting to xp budget? Are 2 CR 2 Ogres good for level 4 party?

Nope, you need the XP budget to get a sense. CR is a good way to limit your search for monsters, then spend XP.

@CyberDaveMil: Will the DMG still have psionic wild talent rules?

Sorry, no. We’re taking psionics carefully and slowly.

@GameCrunchEma: Will D&D 5E have templates or options to give “ranks” to monsters (minion, solo, elite)? If yes, will this be in the MM or DMG?

Minion, solo, and elite aren’t formal ranks – legendary is equivalent to solo or elite. Minions about equal CR less than 1

@Thatakinsboy: Are you guys going to be hosting the Basic download on Wizards or on the Classics website?

WotC site. I think it will go live during business hours pacific time, in case the site crashes.





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