More on what has changed since the Dungeons & Dragons playtest

On Equipment:

  • Playing Cards are now an item instead of the more generic Gaming Set.
  • Potions of Healing are described as being red.
  • Spellbook is not described as a magic focus, but this might just be a difference between the full game and the basic game.
  • Tinderbox now specifies that lighting more challenging fires takes 1 minute, instead of at least as long as a torch (1 action).
  • Torch specifies it deals 1 fire damage if you hit someone with it (and it’s burning, obviously).
  • All of the Mounts, Tack & Harness, Food, Drink and Lodging tables are new.

On Weapons (and Armour):

  • Splint Mail reduces your speed by 10 feet if your Strength is lower than 15. (Previously, it just reduced speed by 5 feet).
  • Javelins can be used in melee or thrown.
  • There are minor adjustments to the weights of weapons. E.g. Clubs, Handaxes, Javelins, and Light Hammers weigh less.
  • Quite a few weapons aren’t listed in the starter set; e.g. Sling, Flail and Pike.

On Spells:

  • Warding Bond is a new 2nd level cleric spell
  • Revivify and Spirit Guardians are new 3rd level cleric spells
  • There is no Read Magic in the starter set cantrips for Wizards!
  • Misty Step is a new 2nd level wizard spell
  • DC to resist spells is 8+proficiency modifier+spellcasting ability modifier rather than 10+spellcasting ability modifier (the latter was retained in the How to Play document, despite being replaced in the Classes document)
  • It’s Wizard, not Mage!

On Magic Items:

  • Boots of Striding and Springing give a flat speed of 30 feet if you are normally slower, in addition to other effects that were in the playtest.
  • +1 armour never rusts nor deteriorates.
  • You can identify items by concentrating on them during a short rest.
  • Potions can be identified by a taste test. (In the playtest, this might not have worked).
  • You can end your attunement to an item with a short rest. In the playtest, it instead required 10 minutes.
  • Likewise, attuning to an item takes a short rest rather than 10 minutes.

Further changes are listed here (Starter Set Fighter) and here (Wilderness Map Changes)



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