Changes from the D&D Playtest: The Starter Set Fighter

Mike Mearls has posted on twitter the full character sheet of one of the Starter Set fighters.

So, what has changed from the playtest? Here’s a list…

Proficiency Bonus: In the playtest it went from +1 to +6. In the full game, it starts at +2 (and presumably goes to +6). The change to +3 happens at level 5. (Previously levels 1-2 were +1, levels 3-6 were +2, and levels 7-10 were +3).

Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws: These additional pieces give you guides to role-play your character.

Second Wind: A first-level fighter now regains 1d10+level hit points rather than gaining 1d6+level temporary hit points.

Position of Privilege: The noble trait now allows you to secure an audience with a local noble rather than three followers.

Skills: Investigation replaces Search.

Passive Perception: Once again, Passive Perception is back (10 + Perception skill), replacing the need to make certain rolls.

XP changes: Level gains now occur at 300, 900, 2700 and 6500 XP rather than 250, 950, 2250 and 4750 XP

Tools: Playing cards are a tool, as opposed to “gaming set”.

Proficiencies: The Noble had History, Insight and Persuasion. Insight seems to have dropped off the list, as has Mounts (land) for the Fighter.

Land Speed and Chainmail: Although the Fighter is wearing chain mail, his speed is still 30 feet. It would have been 25 feet in the playtest. (The disadvantage with Stealth checks remains). Note the changes to how Splint Mail works – high strength negates the movement penalty.

Most of the rest seems the same, although it’s quite possible I’ve missed something!




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