I Game, Therefore I Have Dice

A package arrived from MilSims today. It contained an expansion for Twilight Imperium (3E), the new game Russian Railroads, the L5R version of Love Letter, and four Dice Bags. They’re quite pretty.

So, they needed to be filled. I got all my dice together, sorted them into sets, put them into the bags… and still had dice left over.

There are two to four sets of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, d20 in a set) in each of the bags. There are dice that didn’t make it into the bags. There are further dice that I have somewhere else…

Why so many bags? Well, mostly to help people at my D&D sessions who don’t have a set – especially during Encounters. I can just hand them a bag and get it back at the end of the night.

I don’t go in so much for all the gem dice these days; most of my dice tend to the opaque and easily readable. My master bag for AD&D has 10d6 and 6d8, all the better for rolling fireballs and hit points. Some of the d6s in the bag are the Orcus dice I got from the Rappan Athuk kickstarter – they’re very nice dice, and I use them for wandering monster checks. If the Orcus symbol comes up, a monster finds the party.

And there’s a black d20 I have… from that same Kickstarter… it’s very good at rolling 20s. I use it for fearsome monsters!

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