A Big Week of Gaming

Two tournaments, three sessions of D&D, and several odd plays of board games; it’s been quite a week!

One of the tournaments was the first of the monthly X-Wing tournaments. We had five players, with Garth playing whoever had the bye, as he was learning the game. Sarah played a build of three TIE Interceptors and I played the championship team of two X-Wings and two B-Wings with Advanced Sensors that I’ve been running recently. I’ll get a full report up soonish, but I ended up coming second, losing to a Firespray and attendant TIE band.

The bigger tournament was the store championship for Netrunner, for which we got 17 players. I ended up coming second (seems to be a theme this week), a result that was terribly surprising to me. I was playing a Whizzard deck and a NBN: The World is Yours deck, both of which performed far above my expectations for them. I won a really nice playmat and a “Dragon’s Egg” card bag.

Board gaming this week involved a three-player game of Through the Ages with Jon and Sarah, which proved very challenging, despite it being Jon’s first game. He faded at the end, but Sarah took the game. (2nd again!) I also played Michael in a game of the Advanced Squad Leader starter kit; this one I won.

And role-playing… AD&D saw the group going back into Rappan Athuk. Seven players, on the “smaller” week… eek! D&D 4E saw the group roaming the Demonweb, and provoking a priest of Kord into attacking them after they thought he was an evil priest and tried to bluff their way past by saying they were scions of evil. Their bluff was terribly successful, so he attacked. Greg, hearing his battle-cries in the name of Kord, was horrified (Kord is his deity) and tried to explain that they weren’t actually evil, but Adam had done too good a job on the bluff, and the priest cast silence before they could convince him otherwise. Eventually they knocked him out (and released the werewolves he’d captured… oops!)

And D&D Encounters saw the addition of another couple of new players. The group are exploring an old elven mansion which has been overrun with gnolls. There were some interesting situations in the play, but – alas – the game didn’t permit much interaction with a lack of NPCs appearing.

I rather think I need to recover now!

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