Sunday D&D… sort of

Something that is becoming more common in our Sunday sessions is that we spend a lot of the four hours we gather for not playing D&D. This session, we spent 90 minutes talking about Star Wars (RPG, films, computer games, novels, etc.) before we even got to the D&D session. And then we only played 2 encounters of the adventure, plus a third one introduced only so Nate’s warlock could get the magic rod he wanted.

Did we have fun? Sure we did. We all agreed that Star Wars Saga edition really needs healing surges and minions, that the last adventure was too dungeon-crawly and not Star Warsy enough. We all really enjoyed the first adventure, The Traitor’s Gambit, but Echoes of the Jedi has not been a good adventure at all. 
The Force has a strong effect on the weak-minded? Well, from where I sit it has a strong effect on the strong-minded as well, which is not a good point to be. My noble just doesn’t have a good enough Will defense…
I almost managed to kill the D&D group with the ambush in Thunderspire Labyrinth. I didn’t scale it down for 4 PCs instead of 5 (counting Splug as one of the PCs), and the Bronze Warder was incredibly difficult for them to fight. They were successful in the end, just…
The next section of the adventure should be interesting, but I didn’t want to start it just at the end of a session. So, in a fortnight’s time (actually, just over a week now), we’ll head into the third section of Thunderspire Labyrinth. Should be fun.
I’ve just been writing Splug up using the DDi Character Builder beta. Heh.


  1. srhall79

    So, you’ve finished the duregar section? I had a lot of fun there, especially with the theurges (my reroll dice roll high, what can I say?)

    Next section is okay, although one room felt more annoying than worthwhile. And I had very bad tactics (and bad dice rolls) with the guardian. Still, made for some good sessions. I’m really liking this line of adventures. And this reminds me that it’s been a while since I’ve stuck up a recap. Should have time tonight.


    • merricb

      Horned Hold will require more than one trip, most likely. The Duergar Smith encounter was very scary (albeit we only had 3 PCs for that), likewise the encounter against the Duergar Leader. You have to pay attention to reinforcements between trips, but mostly it’s fairly straightforward IMO.


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