Dark Chateauing the night away

Bradford missed this session, but at least Peggy and Martin were more awake than last time. Not sure I was, though. It was a fairly short session as these things go, and mostly involved the group exploring the caves around the basement of Zagyg’s “Dark Chateau”.

There were a few nice moments – the group was completely blindsided by a carrion crawler rushing out of a crack in the cave wall, and Adam quickly found himself fighting off the effects of the paralysing tentacles. The group gave the spiders a wide berth, and wondered why there were all these secret doors when a nice hole gave access from the basement to the caves.

Meanwhile, I struggled with the lack of congruence between the maps and the text. Someone tell me why there are 10 goblin skeletons in a 5’x5′ room again? I had them acting as the pygmies in “The Mummy Returns”, jumping all around the place and generally overwhelming the PCs; it was a tough fight but they were successful in the end. (The PCs, not the skeletons).

Adam fulfilled the promise of the library and entered the crypt, taking a number of candles and moving past the hydra to view a “special” tomb, which completely confused him. He was sure there was a point to it he wasn’t getting, and spent several minutes trying to work out what was going on before returning to the rest of the party, still as confused as ever.

Upon finding a parchment with various words written in Goblin (which, incredibly, none of the group speak), the group returned to the trapped goblin in the mirror, who they refused to let go. Instead they threatened to turn his mirror to the wall unless he translated the parchment. This actually worked, and they received some cryptic information that really wasn’t that useful.

It should be noted that the reason the party hasn’t released the trapped goblin is that they think that a “mirror with goblin” will be worth a lot of money! Not incorrectly, either. This is a fun group to DM.

The session ended when they found the secret door to the watery caverns. I’m going to have to design that before we continue in a fortnight. Does anyone have any suggestions for fun encounters/tricks I can put into that section?

(The goblins haven’t found the secret door, but they can get from the watery caverns to the basement… huh, how?) 

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