The end of the Skirmish Game

Scott Rouse, Brand Manager of D&D, has confirmed what many people had feared after recent announcements to a change in packaging for D&D Miniatures: the Skirmish game is being discontinued. After Demonweb, there will be no further Skirmish stats included in DDM sets.

Instead, the line will focus more on supporting the D&D Roleplaying Game, 4th edition.
Six Hero packs, each containing three non-random miniatures of player character types , will debut in Spring 2008. Further sets of miniatures will appear in 2009 and 2010.
Dungeon Masters will be able to purchase new 5-minature boosters containing one large miniature (which will be viewable before purchase) and four normal-sized miniatures which will be distributed randomly. All of these minis will be monsters. The first set of the new scheme, Monster Manual: Dangerous Delves is due out in Spring 2009. 40 miniatures, in four levels of rarity: rare, uncommon, common and visible.
As one could expect, there has been a lot of uproar over this decision at the major D&D Miniatures sites: and on the Wizards boards
Scott Rouse, posting on the Wizards thread, has revealed that each pack of Dangerous Delves will have its own SKU #, “so you’ll know you are buying the troll vs the giant.”
Andy Collins notes that they’d been seeing a drop in skirmish levels since 2006, more than a year before D&D 4E and the new skirmish game were even announced. “Nobody here is happy about having to end skirmish support. We’d far prefer it if the skirmish game were a thriving, growing entity, allowing us to continue to support it with a profitable line of game accessories and events.”

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