Stephen Schubert saying farewell

A few years back, I decided I wanted to use minis on my table, to help illustrate my game. I picked up some assorted metal, learned to paint, all that sort of stuff. Picked up Chainmail. Then Chainmail was canceled – in its place was to be a new, randomized, pre-painted minis game.

I hadn’t bought into clix because they didn’t look enough like D&D to me, and I didn’t like the random model. But pre-painted was definitely a draw. Wasn’t sold on the randomized until I bought a few Harbinger starters and boosters at 75% off one day when a local WotC store was going under. Within a week I was placing an order from Gameoutfitter, and within a month I’d found maxminis. I only got a dozen or so trades done there before I had to stop, as my on-the-side freelancing had turned itself into a full-time gig, working on D&D.

Over the last 4 years the DDM game has been part of what I did. While I came on after the game’s inception, shortly after I was hired I began to spend time on the minis development team. I started working with Rob Heinsoo and Mike Donais, and stuck with the team and the many other contributors that stayed on for a set or for a block of sets. With Rob, I rewrote the rules twice – once with Wardrums, and once with DoD2. I learned about not only the game, but also about organized play, plastics production, art direction, marketing and brand direction, and fan interaction — all because of the DDM game.

I also got to know many of the members of the DDM community. This community is special – I really mean that. It’s amazing to have a group of players that not only can understand and play the game at a high level, but that are also welcoming and encouraging to new players. The community drafts at WF/XP and GenCon were the best times I’ve had playing games – and the prize pools always showed how much that community cares about the game and each other.

The recent announcement, and the decision that led to the announcement, does make me sad. I’m glad to have been part of the product that was able to entertain so many of you for a few years… I just wish it could have been a few years more.

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