D&D Miniatures

Well, the news is out… D&D Miniatures is going a very big change. The Skirmish game is going to be dead, and the line will be aimed very much at roleplayers.

As a non-skirmisher myself, this is ok from my perspective, but it sucks for a lot of people who’ve spent a lot of time and money on the game. However, I can’t say that it’s the wrong decision.
The new format is very interesting: fixed packs of 3 heroes. They’re non-random, will have good paint-jobs, and will be relatively costly. That’s the price of being non-random and of better quality. They may well be a nightmare for retailers.
The monsters come in packs of 5 random miniatures. Rather, 1 visible (large!) and 4 random. If you want four trolls, you’ll be able to order them, but the remaining minis will be random. The set will be only 40 minis big, though, making it easier to collect.
I’ve posted a lot of information on it on my D&D Miniatures News Page – the very first time in a long time I’ve posted there.

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