Dave Christ on the final sanctioned tournaments

Posted on Hordelings.com:

So I’ve gotten a few emails so far (figure the post goes up the second I logoff a computer).

DDXP will have DDM tourneys. From my understanding the last sanctioned ones.

We will have a limited championship using Demonweb. We will have the standard $5,000 prize pool for the winners. Win some cash and be the last champion standing. There are no qualifiers and is open to all. It will start Friday at 5pm and run 3 rounds that night, 6 rounds on Saturday, and final 8 on Sunday. Multiple rebuilds during those rounds.

It will end early enough on Saturday to allow a community draft if the community wants it. I will make sure everything is there to make it happen out of my personal show budget as long as somebody can run it.

We will have other events spread around the championship and I will be working with my DDM staff on a schedule over the next week.

Dave C

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