Echoes of the Jedi

Star Wars this week saw us almost complete Echoes of the Jedi. It also saw us missing our techie (Nathaniel) and our medical robot (Greg), which was incredibly not good.

However, some of the opponents we were facing made me wonder what the heck is going on in development for the DoD campaign. One opponent we faced had us start down the condition track and it had Damage Reduction of 25!
Huh? On a creature with over 100 hp? Who’s meant to hurt it? The jedi? When actually using a Jedi in this era is somewhat against the spirit of the movies? The mechanics of the encounter meant it started pretty much adjacent to us, with Reach 3. Escape? Not an option, I’m afraid, and we were already banged up. I so wish Saga used healing surges – it really, really needs them. Dungeon crawls (which this adventure is) work in D&D because you can recover between encounters. You can’t in Star Wars. We were in full 5-minute day mode for this session.
Just found suggested errata from the authors to make it DR 10.
We levelled up to level 8 just before the session… just as well! That allowed me to take Officer (and now I can give +1d6 damage to all my friends against a single opponent each round), and Adam is now a Bounty Hunter, with the ability, when aiming, to send a target 1 down the condition track each time he damages it. He started using this in combination with Stun to send them 3 down the track…

One comment

  1. srhall79

    Healing surges might be a good idea to try with Star Wars. Modern games can be annoying with the lack of quick healing.

    I’m not sure when I’ll get around to running SW. I’d like to get the Legacy book first, and that’s due out next year, as I recall. Maybe between now and then, I’ll work on melding in some of the 4E ideas that hadn’t quite matured. Star Wars: S4G4 Edition.


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