Castle Greyhawk

The latest session of the Castle Greyhawk campaign saw Bradford’s dwarven cleric Floyyd suffer death at the hands of a few orcs serving Iuz (minions now of Adam’s traitorous warlock, Archibald). The group had been hired by Grey College to investigate the one-time mansion of Zagyg, which he lived in while his castle was built. Rich’s paladin was absent for this session.

They avoided a group of ten soldiers patrolling the old castle track, and then took the overgrown path to the manse. Just as they arrived, a group of goblins and orcs ambushed them, slaying Floyyd, and knocking out Nathaniel’s ranger. With all his fellows slain, the orc leader parleyed for his life with the group, “don’t kill me and I don’t kill your friends!” The group agreed, and the orc fled. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to save Floyyd, but the ranger’s life was saved.
Returning to Greyhawk, the group found a new companion at the Green Leaf Tavern: a holy warrior of Kord. (Exactly what she’ll make of Rich’s paladin of Heironeous is anyone’s guess). Following Bradford’s… unusual… naming methods, she’s called Ginger Muffins. Oh, boy.
I didn’t have to do much for the next hour as the group introduced themselves, but eventually the group returned to the adventure at hand. Reaching the manse proved easy enough – the orcs and goblins were gone. They peered through the shuttered windows before breaking in through the verandah.
Rats and giant centipedes were the main threats they had to face on the ground hall as they investigated the unusual place, taking a few items of interest from the archmage’s study. They quickly worked out the “four candles” sketch, and made their way to the upper level where they found many a deserted guestroom.
In the mage’s bedroom, they triggered a magical trap that had them fighting an owlbear. I’m amazed to relate that no-one actually died, despite it being a most dangerous combatant. (I’d made it up as a level 6 elite). With it dead, they were all very hurt indeed, so they decided to take a nap in the mage’s bedroom, and there we left the session.

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