Sunday D&D

It was only Nathaniel and Josh at the latest Thunderspire Labyrinth session (along with their pet goblin, Splug) and so I had another session of scaling all the encounters to three players. The group did horrible things to the bloodreaver slavers and then made their way to annoy some duergar. The last encounter almost saw a TPK, but Nathaniel demonstrated the power of the warlock and saved everyone’s bacon. Splug made about 8 Death Saves in a row, displaying his awesome luck.

I wasn’t adjusting the treasure much, so Nate (who has come to every session) is beginning to resemble a Christmas tree. Josh now has a set of +2 chainmail, which he wants to be platemail. I guess he’ll need to find someone with the Transfer Enchantment ritual from Adventurer’s Vault. That probably means Adam once Adam returns.
In a one-on-one combat, Nathaniel using eyebite is very scary…
The group completed five encounters (actually 6, but one was an extra one added when they fled and then returned). Not really much roleplaying, but we had a lot of fun.

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