Advanced Player’s Guide

XRP has just released Mouseferatu’s Advanced Player’s Guide for 4e. It’s available as a PDF file for only us$12 (so less than $15 australian). 110 pages, and it contains the following:

New Races: Earth Gnome, Orc Blooded, Shire Halfling (or Gnome, Half-Orc and Hobbit)
New Classes: Martial Artist, Nature Priest, Savage Warrior, Troubadour, Spellbinder (or Monk, Druid, Barbarian, Bard & Illusionist)
New Paragon Paths: Acrobat, Merciless Assassin, Specialist Mage, Stalwart Cavalier
New Feats: Mainly for the new classes & races
New Rituals: 7 new rituals, primarily of a druidic bent.
Optional Rules: Crafting and Lingering Wounds
I’m most impressed by the Lingering Wounds section, and I may well use the new rules in my Greyhawk campaign.
For those who lose their characters in my campaigns, the classes and races in this book will be available for you to choose. 
As for cool powers, just check out this Troubadour power:
Dramatic Entrance
You leap into the fray with a flourish—and perhaps just a touch of magic—dismaying your foes and causing them to hesitate.
You use this daily power at the beginning of combat; all enemies within 20 squares of you either must roll their initiative twice and take the lower roll (on a hit), or take a -2 penalty to hit. (paraphrased from original).
And for the Princess Bride fans:
I Am Not Left-Handed!
With a dramatic flourish, you abruptly shift everything about your fighting style: your stance, your footwork, even the hand that holds your blade. So distracted is your foe by the theatrical gesture, he is unprepared for the attack to follow.
Attack a foe (Cha vs Reflex) with this encounter power; if you hit, they grant combat advantage to all attacks against them until the end of your next turn, and you deal some damage as well!
There are a few powers that seem a little wimpy (Glib Tongue, a 10th level utility, is a daily power that grants +2 to your Diplomacy and Bluff checks for the encounter; c.f. Astral Speech for the Paladin: 2nd level and +4 to Diplomacy), but the book generally looks a lot of fun.

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