More boardgame session reports

I’ve finally gotten around to writing up the session reports for our last boardgame day, so you can find them on BGG now. Rich has also contributed two (and wrote them way before me as well). Here are the links for the lazy:

Zooloretto – Mark, Merric, Randy, Rich & Laurie – a close game where my strategy as a miser contrasted muchly with Mark’s extravagant style
Settlers of Catan – Merric, Laurie, Josh – a Sheepless affair. Believe it or not, the pastures were on 2, 11, 11, 12. First game for Laurie & Josh.
Carcassonne – Merric, Laurie, Josh – another first for Laurie & Josh, I think. Certainly I’ve played it a lot more, but it’s still a really fun game.
Agricola – Randy, Mark & Rich – in which Rich pursues the Cheeseshop strategy of farming, although not quite to the same extent as Josh the previous week, and Mark goes begging. Sadly without a session report at this time.
Brass – Randy, Merric and Mark – a fantastic game which Randy dominated, but it’s an economy game I really must get for myself. Very glad Mark brought it. Building canals, railroads, coalmines, ironworks and textile mills in England during the Industrial Revolution.
Niagara – Rich, Josh and Laurie – taking on the rapids in a search for gems.
Bohnanza – Rich, Josh & Laurie – the three go bean trading
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery – Merric, Randy, Rich, Josh & Laurie – one of my all-time favourite games, a very Euro American design in which Randy outcolonizes everyone else.
TransEuropa – Merric, Randy, Rich, Josh & Laurie – building railways in Europe; in which Laurie demonstrates you can win three out of four rounds and still not win the game.
I’ve also added a couple of session reports for 2-player wargames that Randy and I have played recently:
Combat Commander: Europe – despite my last week’s illness, the Germans defend successfully a fog-laden battlefield against Randy’s Yanks.
Fast Action Battles: The Bulge – block combat meets World War II, in which a last surge by the Germans ensure them a 1 point marginal victory over Randy’s Yanks.
Well, I’m now up to 445 session reports on BGG! As usual, all session reports may not correspond exactly to how the games were played due to my unreliable memory. They probably read well, though.

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