Go Hawthorn!

I was meant to spend today down at the Magic prerelease for Shards of Alara, but the illness that has been dogging me for the past week still hasn’t gone away. Instead, I stayed home on a lovely, warm spring day. Instead, I watched the Australian football premiership. And I got to see my team, the Hawthorn Football Club, take the premiership against a team that had only lost one game in the season.

I’m very, very happy.
Over 100,000 people at the MCG as well to watch the game.
Otherwise, Lil has been spending the day on the desk watching a wren jumping around the bushes outside. She’s enjoyed the sun. Now she’s wondering where tea is…
I’ve got a massive ASL scenario set up on my desk at present. Four geomorphic map boards set together depicting Warsaw in 1945, with the Russian army moving in on a very depleted German force. The Germans are trying to hold back the Russians, the Russians are trying to break through the German lines.
Strangely, despite the 4 boards, it’s a very light scenario for forces – only 20 Russian squads and 4 tanks, and even fewer German forces. So, there will be a lot of manuevering and chasing this game, I expect. 10 turns this game will last, so I’ll probably finish it tomorrow.
Otherwise, it’s planning for the next D&D sessions. There’s a lot of material to read through in the Castle Zagyg module (200 pages! Woo!), and then there’s the extra stuff I’ll be inserting… Still two weeks before I run another game, so it’s being a quiet (but good) weekend. 

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