Gygaxian Goodness


I am now the proud owner of The HermitThe Hall of Many Panes, and, most importantly, Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works. A package arrived from Troll Lord Games today. Smile 

I’m absolutely delighted. As some of you know, my current Friday campaign is a Castle Zagyg campaign using 4e rules. It’s been a blast – I’ve been using the Yggsburgh supplement along with the Mouths of Madness adventure from the East Mark Gazetteer. Now I have more of the Castle, and my players are in for some fun times. 

It’s also sad – I’m never going to be able to tell Gary how much I’ve been enjoying the Castle. 

At some point I hope to post a review of the Upper Works, but for now, here’s what I got in the boxed set: 

  • Book 1: The Mouths of Madness – 44 pages, revised from the earlier release, detailing the caves around the base of the “moat” around the castle. 
  • Book 2: Ruins of the Castle Precincts – 48 pages, detailing the walls, towers, gatehouses and other buildings that stand on the surface over the dungeon. 
  • Book 3: East Wall Towers – 20 pages, detailing the two massive towers that flank the ruined castle. 
  • Book 4: Castle Fortress – 44 pages, detailing the actual fortress level itself. 
  • Book 5: Store Rooms – 44 pages, detailing the first real dungeon level of the Castle, along with new monsters, magic and NPCs.

There is also a map and illustration booklet (36 pages) and two small poster maps of the ruins. 

Of course, now I want the Trolls to release the next part of the adventure! 

It’s a little over two weeks until my next session of this game, so I’ve plenty of time to prepare. Smile 


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