Dark Side Points and Force Powers

Someone on EN World asked about a rather strict Star Wars GM who gave out Dark Side Points for any use of Force Grip. I had a think about the situation and gave my reply; I repeat the reply here. I think it provides a useful solution to the Move Object debacle we’ve had in our games, although Martin will need to make the final decision of whether to apply this reasoning or not:

Dark side points and Force powers are somewhat of a problem. My own interpretation of the situation (which derives from old experiences with the d6 game, somewhat modified by the current Dawn of Defiance game), is that if you use a Force power to directly harm or kill another living being, you gain a Dark Side Point. (woo! split infinitive!) 

So, for Force Grip, if you use it purely to restrain another being (no damage inflicted), then that’s not Dark Side point worthy. Damage a character? Dark side point. 
I also believe that about Move Object – bash someone over the head with a boulder? That’s a Dark Side point. Bash a droid? No problem! 
Yes, this limits Light Side Jedi pretty much to blasters and lightsabers (and more of the latter) if they want to harm other creatures, but it’s also a key part of the balance of Star Wars, as Jedi can very easily dominate the game.

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