Waiting, waiting…

My new digital camera will be shipped to me sometime next week. I’m not quite sure when – the memory card isn’t in stock, although they have given me a date for when it comes in – but with any luck I’ll soon be the owner of my very own digital camera. It’ll be cheap, probably quite effective, and will greatly relieve all of the fans of my session reports who think they’re nowhere near as effective without pictures.

Of course, this relies on them delivering it to a school during the holidays… I wonder if that’ll give them problems? It has for some major deliveries here in the past.
I’m probably going to be broke if every item I’ve currently got on preorder or backorder suddenly shipped. (A bunch of them did last week). Running down the list…
  • Burma, an OCS wargame
  • Doomed Battalions, an ASL core module
  • ASL Journal #2 reprint
  • Kingdom of Heaven, a card-driven wargame
  • P1: King of the Trollhaunt Warrens, a D&D 4e adventure
  • Stone Age, a Eurogame I’ve had on preorder for a long time
  • Rails of Europe, an expansion to RRT that I may never get
  • Memoir ’44 Terrain Pack
  • Memoir ’44 Pacific Theatre
Incredibly, that seems to be it at the moment. The latest set of D&D 4e books are on their way to me, and I probably will get them this evening (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, Treasure Trove and the FR adventure).

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