I’ve just received a bunch of new wargames in the post. Woohoo! It takes my number of games on BGG one past how many Randy has. That’s 203, btw. 

The thing is, I don’t have the same number of games as Randy. Because I own lots of expansions. Give me a game I like a little, and I want to own all the expansions for it, regardless of how often I actually play it!
ASL has lots of expansions, but so do games like Carcassonne, Settlers, Power Grid…
How often do I play Carcassonne? These days, it’d be once a year, possibly. I own eight (8!!) expansions for it. Great game, just don’t play it much. The most recent expansion, Abbey and Mayor? I’ve played it once. (Good expansion, though).
So, adding the eight new games to the BGG database, I realised I hadn’t bought eight new games. I’d bought 4 new games and 4 expansions. Yeah, that’s so me.
The games…
  • Great Battles of Alexander, Deluxe Edition
  • For the People
  • Barbarossa to Berlin
  • The Drive on Metz, 1944 (that came in the C3i magazine)
The expansions
  • Tyrant, for GBoAlexander.
  • Barbarian, for SPQR
  • Gung Ho, for ASL
  • Croix de Guerre, for ASL
Also expanding my collections were the following scenarios in the C3i magazine (it’s GMT Games’ house magazine):
  • Scenario 104 “Go for Broke” for Combat Commander: Europe
  • Scenario 105 “La Fiere Counterattack” for Combat Commander: Europe
  • Agrigentum – 262 BC for Command & Colours: Ancients
  • Cissa – 218 BC for Command & Colours: Ancients
  • Iliturgi – 215 BC for Command & Colours: Ancients
  • Castrum Album – 214 BC for Command & Colours: Ancients
  • Syphax I – The Battle of Tispasa, 213 BC – for SPQR Deluxe
  • Syphax II – The Battle of Siga, 212 BC – for SPQR Deluxe
  • Syphax III – The Battle of Tingis, 212 BC – for SPQR Deluxe
  • The First Batttle of Herdonia, 212 BC – for SPQR Deluxe
  • The Second Batttle of Herdonia, 210 BC – for SPQR Deluxe
Hmm… it’s not like I’ve played all of the scenarios I have already for those games!

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