It’s been a good week

This has been a good week.

I was named Geek of the Week on boardgamegeek, and a bunch of parcels arrived as well.

Just in the last few days, I’ve become the proud owner of:

  • D&D 4e DM’s Screen
  • D&D Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 4e
  • D&D H3: Pyramid of Shadows (the third in the “H” series of adventures)
  • Pathfinder #13
  • Pathfinder Companion
  • ASL: Pegasus Bridge campaign
  • Operations Magazine Special Edition #1, which contains…
  • … Iwo Jima, Rage against the Marine, a small wargame
  • … Singling HASL, a small ASL campaign
  • Combat Commander: Mediterranean
  • SPQR
  • Memoir ’44: Eastern Front pack
  • Race for the Galaxy

Oh, and in K-Mart I found a boxed set of every Ian Fleming James Bond novel… for $70. Price on the back, 90 pounds, or about $200. Very, very happy.

And there’s still D&D to come on the weekend!

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